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088. Design Color
るうかです( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I'm updating jugem while having my class now.. (笑)

i'm doing my illustration on music genre combined with season colors to match with it.

i'm almost done with the layout but stucked on country music layout

*scratch head

someone please give me ideaa~~~


i just read that K-On! is gonna make into live action movie and the manga is continuing again


okay gotta continue on my work :D
084. あけおめー!!
HAPPY 2011!!

It's been awhile~

i've abandoned this blog again.
*and i've been missing from the cyber world, too*

no matter how i much time i said that i'll blog frequently, i'll always procrastinate and abandon this blog..

procrastinate will be always my biggest enemy

i should have make this post earlier too!

so, like everyone, i do have my resolutions of the year too

i'm not gonna be greedy, i only have 3 main resolutions

? Try my very best not to procastinate again!
? Getting better in school
? Go Hongkong with my besties

I should finish all my reviews and post them soon, too

all the reviews are in draft and half finished (; ̄ェ ̄)

and here are some of my end of the year haul..
will blog about the rest soon and of course.. review (^_−)−☆

it's the Melliesh, Candy Doll and Dolly Wink new products.. and Cosmagic too

Okay that's all for today.. I'm going karaoke with Cinggo

083. Iphone ランダム talk #1
procrastinate is my biggest rival now..
i'm fighting real hard to defeat it.. yes i am

exhaust from school project keeps me away from this blog (。-_-。)
i've alot of stuff to share..
but i'm too lazy to write *smack self*

okay soo
today's blog title is
iPhone random talk
i just downloaded an iphone app for Jugem
and so i will update my jugem on random thoughts of mine through iPhone.
so everytime i update on iPhone i will use the same title
hmm another stupid random idea of mine (~_~;)

i'll use my laptop to do proper update since the features here is limited. Very limited.

anyway this is Yui nendoroid that i just got for my own bday present
have been lemming for this for quite some times

okay thats all for today
おやずみ♪( ´▽`)

oh and check out my tumblr!!
its my photo blog (^O^☆♪