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094. Fast Deal

I'll be preordering
Tsubasa bambi Lenses 
very soon..

sgd 20/pair
*price included shipping fee from Korea to Singapore

left to right

Green Apple, Gray Sesame, Chocolate Brown, Almond

email me at moriharuuka@gmail.com if you're interested to order.
dont forget to state your degree clearly too 

086. [Tutorial] Kumickey's milky pink lip

Today I'm going to share on
HOW TO Kumickey's Milky Pink Lips

Inspired by Kumickey's make-up tutorial from her "Kumikki" book

I really adore her lips, but in her tutorial she uses:
- MAC Hello Kitty Frost Strayin' which is Limited Edition and you can't get it now
- YSL Gloss Purr no.2 which i can only get them from Changi Airport
- Takako Lipgloss Strawberry which i have 0 intention of getting

So what i can do now is to find dupes from my Lippies drawer and recreate that plump juicy lips!

Now, here we go~
3 easy steps

1. Conceal your lips
you can either skip this part for natural pink lips 
or add more/reduce your concealer amount depending on your liking on how opaque your gloss you like it to be.

For me, i just dabbed my concealer lightly

what i used: CandyDoll Lipstick in Honey Beige 

2. Dab a deep pink color on the center of your lips

what i used: Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer 06 (dupe of MAC Frost Strayin')

3. Blend the deep pink color with a light milky pink gloss

what i used: LUNASOL Full Glamour Gloss 07 (dupe for YSL Gloss Purr 02)

and there you go, Kumicky delicious milky lips~

you can get CandyDoll lipstick from HERE
Lunasol, Paul&Joe gloss from Takashimaya / Metro Paragon / iSetan

they're about sgd 30 ~ sgd 35 each
so total sgd 100 

but~~ Worry not..
I've found another cheaper dupe that cost only about sgd 35 in total and easily found


Here are some swatches,
all the shades at the extreme right are the one i used on this tutorial
and the shades to the left are the dupes 


FIRST ROW: (right to left, according to swatches)
- Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo PK 246
- Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex PK211
- LUNASOL Full Glamour Gloss 07


SECOND ROW: (right to left, according to swatches)
- Canmake Lip Concealer 
- Etude House Color Me Nude
- CandyDoll Lipstick in Honey Beige 

THIRD ROW: (right to left, according to swatches)
- Etude House Peach Water Gloss NO.1
- Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer 06


 Here's my tempt on the cheaper dupe for Kumickey's Lip
you can barely tell the difference! (sorry for the blurry picture)
- Canmake Lip Concealer
- Etude House Peach Water Gloss NO.1
- Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo PK 246

you can get the products from Watsons and Etude House store

Hope this tutorial helps
Please drop a comment if you like it

076. Photoshop your photo~

My school is starting so i have less time to update my blog *excuse*
The time now is 4am in the morning (笑)

My candydoll & melliesh general review will be delayed!
Sorry.. hopefully i can publish it somewhere next week

anyway, have you guys see Yamapi's "One in A Million" PV?
It's a have to watch video! he's so セクシーな
the song itself is very catchy. and his EngRish is definitely had improved!




First time trying to edit my photo
Result is good! hahaha
can you compare both pictures?
Fairer / brighter skin, smaller face & nose, and sharp eye. Good!
I was facing my window to take this pic so i can't fully open my eyes
but on the 2nd picture it looks okay right? ホホホ

ok. Another HOW TO POST~

You need: Adobe Photoshop. (I'm using CS2)

1. To neutralize color
If you don't think your picture is too yellow or too red or too blue whatsoever, skip this step.
Image > Adjust > Selective Color

2. To lighten the tones
Image > Adjust > Curves
# adjust the curves

3. To cover imperfections (pimples, scar, eyebag etc)
# Use Spot Healing Brush Tool

4. To make your face looks smaller
Filter > Liquify > Forward Warp Tool (on the toolbar)
# choose brush size and start dragging on your features

5. To make your eyes looks bigger
Filter > Liquify > Bloat Tool (on the toolbar)
# choose brush size and click on your eyes
* do not over do or you will look scary

6. To make your eyes looks sharper
# Use Sharpen tool (right click on Blur Took button)

Okay now move on to "adding make up on photoshop" part

7. To highlight (like using highlighter)
#Use dodge tool, adjust the exposure (the bigger the number, the more obvious the highlighting effect) , choose brush size and highlight your nose bridge and under eye area

8. To add shadow (like using bronzer)
# Use Burn Tool (right click on dodge tool button), again adjust exposure and brush size and start shadowing your jawline and beside your nose area.

9. Blushers
# Use brush tool, adjust opacity (the bigger the number, the more obvious the color) as you like and flow to 50%
Choose your favorite blush color and color your cheek.
*You can color your lips too! Color your lips with flesh color to lighten your lips and start coloring your lips with the color you like~


Okay that's all!
Remember, be patient and practice makes perfect
frankly speaking this editing this is super easy if you know how to use photoshop.

Hope this post is useful for you

nah, it's alreay 4.30 now
i need to sleep now~ going out with Cinggo later


This is another HOW TO on Jugem post.
Since this blog is in Japanese,
I thought doing a bit of HOW TO / tutorial might be great
as not everyone know how to read Japanese

Okay. There's easy 4 steps to leave comment on my Jugem.


You will see this on the bottom of every entry

Depending to the layout, the "comment" button might be in either Japanese or English.
It's "コメント" in Japanese


After that you'll see this box below.
Email will not be shown in public

Click the "SUBMIT" button to continue.
Tick the cookie box if you want your particulars to be saved.
So next time when you want to leave comment, you won't need to re-type your particulars


You'll be directed out from my blog page to a page where you'll see this image below.
Yes. It's captcha image. So enter what number you see on the left to the empty box on the right. Click the button Below to submit


You'll be re-directed back to my blog page,
and voila. Your comment is there!

It's really easy so i hope you get it
Okay. That's all for now.

072. How to Moderate your Comment setting


Okay, TODAY's special topic is:

It's super duper simple actually, so here you go:

First thing you need to do, is go to THIS PAGE (←Click)
and you'll be directed to a page below

CLICK on the image for the full preview and explanation.
I've explain everything you need to know about comment moderation in the picture.

If you want to disable comment features on a particular entry,
scroll down the page where you write your entry

and find this コメントの受付:
1st option 受け付ける (which is the default setting) means enable comment
2nd option 受け付けない means disable comment

okay. That's all
Leave comment on this post for any inquiry

Hope this helps you guys