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071. World cup dillema

Have you read my previous entry number 070 ?
Have you send the request? If not please do so

Do you guys watch earlier match of

it was a great match wasn't it?
and GERMANY won by 4-0

i didn't watch it, i only read the live update from FIFA.com
It's all because of Mivo.tv which will only load the TV channel by the time the match finished
It took forever to load! Next time i'm gonna open the site 2 hours prior to the match

Okay, move on to today's topic
It's SID

I've written about SID on entry 051 exactly on SHINJIさん B'day

Nah, here's my second Japan original copy of SID's 2nd latest single SLEEP
(the latest single of them is RAIN)

*anyway, YAY for DSLR, no more crappy phone pictures XD*

front cover

I got them together with my NEWS Sakura Girl Singles~

back cover

Yuya, Mao, Aki, and Shinji

Still remember the SID picture i posted on no.051 entry?
it's familiar でしょう?

Oh, and did you spot the new banner i made?
Tegoshi suit shot from AnAn
He's sooo adorable

OK tomorrow i'll be doing HOW TO set anti-SPAM comment moderation tomorrow, as ひかりとフィイ asked me a few times already

051. お誕生日おめでとう, SHINJIさん!
It has been 2 weeks since i updated my blog!
I'm back to my hometown now, thus I'm so damn lazy to update my blog.
I've been helping my parents in their office as well
the only thing i hate is the mosquito! Damn mosquito!

anyway, I'm addicted to SID again!
I'm totally back to my first love!!

Was fell in love with SID in 2004.
Yep, it's before i fell for Tegoshi~
They are my first favorite artist from Japan.
I know them from local anime magazine.
I was an anime freak back then (笑)

They are totally not popular and was super hard to get updated with them with limited information online.
But now, OMG! They are one of popular J-rock bands!!

They used to be the visual kei j-rock band with all their 'scary' hair and thick eyeliner.
But now? They're all bishounen~

(taken from their official website, my current cell wallie now XD)

It's SID aka シド
(left to right) :

ゆうや(Yuya) ~ drummer
Shirato Yuya 白土 友也
born 9. December 1981.

マオ(Mao) ~ vocalist
Yamaguchi Masao 山口 真生
born 23. October 1977.

明希(Aki) ~ bassist
Ichiki Akihito 一木祥史
born 3. February 1981. 

しんぢ(Shinji) ~ guitarist & back vocalist
Ninomiya Shinji 二宮 慎司
born 8. February 1979.

My LOVE is Shinji-san~~
I got inspired to learn guitar from him!
His acoustic guitar solo performance is amazing!
To me he's the most brilliant member of SID.
He writes most of their song,
He do solo guitar,
He's got quite good voice
He has good sense of humour.
and, He's soooo damn cool XDD

and guess what..

today is his 31st birthday!!

wish all the best on earth for you!
wish you'll be even greater than today
big success for your career, and happy always!

He seems so old and yet, when you check his blog,
his posts are mostly about video games and games consoles.

and check my links list on my sidebar!
I've put new links!
SID's official website, and individual member's official blog!
check them out, ね?

my top 5 favorite song by SID:
1. Owakare no Uta
2. Namida no Ondo
3. USO (Fullmetal Alchemist ED) <- check at my sidebar!
4. Ajisai
5. Mousou Nikki

nah, few more days to Chinese New Year~
had asked my brother to get few items to be brought for me from Singapore.
Lippies haul~~~

I got my new haircut, but don't really like it.
I like my previous haircut more

got to sleep now

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