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091. Pray for Japan. We Are The One
Haven't been blogging in a while because i don't feel like it at all
especially because my blog will be always related to Japan.
As you all know, Japan is facing really bad disaster

being a Japanese freak like me,
 my heart was crushed into ash when i heard about this news.
It was nothing until the situation getting worse with all the strong aftershock, fire,Fukushima nuclear power plant.
I was seriously stoned in front of my TV watching how the Japanese tried to deal with all of the destruction. 
Their remorse and helpless face haunting my mind.
So many people have been killed and the death toll is increasing rapidly day by day

I truly love Japan.
Since i was 3 i already start loving this land of sunrise.
the food, the culture, the language, the people, the style, the music,
i'm loving it all. Without knowing, all my belongings are 90% Japanese
makeup, clothings, accessories, bags, books, even to the smallest thing like umbrella, stickers, pencil case, pens, cotton pad, etc are all JAPANESE BRAND

God, it's enough.
They have learnt their lesson.
Please guide them, give them strength,
help them to stepped out from this darkness to light
to start a brand new living which is far better than the previous one.
we believe in You, that You are planning something great for Japan.

what we can do now is to help them
they need our l♥ve,

I'm sure in your country, there will be a lot of donation fund raising.
but please be careful of scams and your donation might not reach Japan.

You might want to donate directly to Japan REDCROSS

or from the other official sites (check here)

or simply go to Japan Embassy in your area.

be their heroes by sparing a bit of your allowance for them,
your small help means a lot to them♥



ps: HUGE salute for all the rescue team, fire fighters, and Fukushima Nuclear power plant workers. God Bless them.

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