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092. Gyaru Cosmetics Spree *for Japan*
 Hi everyone.
This is a Japanese Gyaru Cosmetics Spree that i arrange for Japan.
90% of the proceeds will go to Japan through Mercy Reliefs (will print screen the proof)
another 10% of item price is the fees required from agent to me + envelope, bubble wrap etc2

So it's the best time to shop your gyaru needs and doing good at the same time.
I need your support m(_ _)m

Tsubasa Masuwaka 

Mineral Loose Powder SGD32

Cheek Color SGD25
*Strawberry Pink
*Peach Pink
*Marshmallow Purple
*Carrot Orange
*Cream Beige

New Lipgloss SGD25
*Gelato Glitter 
*Macaroon Pink
*Strawberry Milk
*Peach Orange 
*Milky Orange
*Milk Tea Beige

Original Pink Lipgloss SGD25
Lip Concealer SGD25

Lipstick SGD25
*Lemonade Pink
*Vanilla Beige
*Apricot Beige

Tsubasa Masuwaka

Eyelash SGD25
*No.1 Dolly Sweet
*No.2 Sweet Girly
*No.3 Natural Girly
*No.4 Feminine Style
*No.5 Real Nude
*No.6 Baby Cute
*No.7 Vivid Pop
*No.8 Pure Little

Eyeshadow SGD32
*No.1 Sweet Dolly
*No.2 Monotone type
*No.3 Country Retro
*No.4 Colourful Pop

Cream Eyeshadow SGD21.5
*No.1 Nudy Glamorous
*No.2 Rainbow Crystal

Mascara SGD30
*No.1 Long Mascara
*No.2 Volume Mascara

Black liquid eyeliner SGD24.5

Black / Brown Pencil liner SGD19.50

Dollywink Eyelash Fixer SGD20

Yui Kanno

Eyelash SGD20
01 ドール Doll
02 キャット Cat
03 ナチュラル Natural
04 シークレット Secret
05 スイート! Sweet
06 リッチ Rich

Cheek Color SGD26.50
01 上品ローズ elegant rose
02 赤ちゃんピーチ baby peach
03 ドールピンク dolly pink
04 ジューシーオレンジ tan orange
05 小顔ブラウン<シェーディング用>small face brown
06 クリアラベンダー<ハイライト> clear lavender

Lipgloss SGD24.50
01 ストロベリーミルク strawberry milk
02 ベイビードール baby doll
03 ヌーディーベージュ Nude Beige
04 ジューシーオレンジ juicy orange
05 ハニーアプリコット honey apricot
06 キャンディピンク candy pink

Daily / Night Eye Tape + Pouch SGD15

Eyeshadow Liner set SGD32


Dark Pink Tray 

Purple Tray

Blue Tray


Premium Limited Edition #911 Koakuma eye SGD25

Premium Limited Edition #912 Cute eye SGD25

DUP Eyelash Fixer Clear / Black SGD19.50

1. Closing on 20st April
2. Items will arrive on mid~end of May
3. OOS item will be refunded.
4. Collection by Postage only (SGD1/item; additional SGD2.5 for registered mail)
5. to order email me at moriharuuka@gmail.com or leave comment here with your name, email, and choice of postage.
6. Question, please leave comment here so people won't ask the same question again and again ^^

I will update everything on THIS sheet. 
If your orders are listed here, means it's confirmed.

Please help to promote
and thank you for your support^^


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