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093. Long time no see :D

what can you expect from an art student?
yes another busy week,
don't have enough sleep, 
walking to school like dead zombies (aren't they dead already?)
whining non stop about stuff,
get to master the "sleeping while standing in public transport" skill
group call on Skype on last few days of submission to keep each other awake,

and after all those thing finish,
hell yeah another assignment 
the harder, the more important, the final!!

kill me.. i'm almost bald now

I sound so deprived right now but i just can't help it.
i don't even have the time to go out.
Just enough time to slack a bit, chill and relax at home.

Only on last Friday i want to surrender for a while
So i really didn't touch my assignment on the weekend at all

Friday i went with Cinggo for karaoke after such a long time!

Saturday, my best best best friend forever and everrr and everrrr Renny, came to Singapore to meet me.. Ugh i was so fking happy TT__TT
although it's only 1 day, because she actually from Manila to attend a seminar and transit in Singapore,
it was such a pleasure to be able to meet her again after 3 years
and i want to be forever be with her 
(I'm gonna ask permission from her if i can blog about our day.. She's a bit shy)

Me and Cinggo in KTV @International Building

look at my face! 
Cinggo was shocked 

After that we went to DIP DROPS Brand new flagship store at Sommerset 313
i got SMS from them that they'll be having 15% discount on all items
+ another 5% for VIP (and i am)

What a deal! How can i skip??
And i met Staff-chan i always met on DIP DROPS iSetan Scotts
and she was looking at me and shouted
"ahh your outfit is so kawaii.. and your shoe.. kawaii"

yes, she's a Japanese
and she's prettyyyy~~~

i spent like S$255 and i'm broke..
I'm gonna show what i bought that day soon

Here's my outfit that day.

blouse dress → LIZ LISA
bag → Samantha Thavasa
socks → Tutuanna
pumps → Yumetenbo (Kumikki produced)

and yes i promised Bella to review on the Yumetenbo X Kumikki shoe
ahh i have so much thing to post

Okay then, that's all for today

るうか (’人‘)✿


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