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095. Memories
 I've been neglecting my blog again, and again, and again
Seems that I'm not the kind of person that able to sit infront of my laptop,
spent hours to make a blog post

Not only once i've intended to make a post,
prepared the picture and thinking what am i going to blog about.
It's not the matter of gaining reader, really.
Just a space for my memory

Anyhow, here's some of pictures i took few months back
(with instagram)

First visit to TWG Tea.
It was such an awesome feeling to be there.
The ambience is soo perfect that i would stay there the whole day if i could.


I had Moon Silver tea (i ordered this because this tea name is so SailorMoon!)
which was vanilla apricot tea. Such a heavenly tea

This was seriously the best Bolognese Lasagna i've ever eaten in my whole life!
It was so damn good. 
The generous cheese on top was so creamy, the filling was so juicy and goes so well with the pasta without that dry meaty texture that u often find in lasagnas. 
I love the tomato sauce the most. Why? It was infused with mint and tea!! (i can't recall what kind of tea it was)
 If you observant enough, you can definitely taste the minty tea in the tomato sauce even though it was faint. SUPER LOVE!!

My first "proper" wallet.
I've been always using those SAN-X Rilakkuma, Kutushita Nyanko wallets which obviously were not targeted for girls around my age. After many years receiving comments about my childish wallet, I've finally made my mind that i've to get an "adult" wallet.
I'm so glad that Samantha Thavasa was launched in Singapore,
else i'll just stick with my kawaii cat head wallet.
I hate those wallet that looks so mature.
But look at my Samantha Thavasa wallet! So pretty~
the leather was laminated with fine sparkly glitter too! So it's not like normal boring leather wallet! LOVE!!

Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice charm dangling on my wallet zipper

Familiar with this? Yes, it's TOKIDOKI
During the STGC (Singapore Toy Game Convention) i was so lucky to be able to meet TOKIDOKI creator, Simone Legno.
This illustration is his interpretation of Singapore printed on a T-SHIRT.
and I GOT HIS SIGN! Look at that! so precious!!
i got to speak to him too! I'm so lucky

Well, that's all what i have now~
and oh i've been shopping A LOT lately



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