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077. [REVIEW] CANDYDOLL cosmetic, Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka
Sorry~ i kept delaying this post.
It's been almost a month since i said i want to do this post
or probably over month?

Well, i've got some new MELLIESH and CandyDoll already!
and MELLIESH General review post is in the next upcoming post!
I'll make sure I'll post it as soon as i can~

So as you know these are produced by the famous Tsubasa Masuwaka.
website: http://www.candydoll.jp/

The items i got are in the regular line
i did not purchase the limited edition items like the clear highlighting gloss, darker lip concealer, and glitters (i just purchased the limited loose powder though)

Tsubasa is going to release a line of lipstick very soon!
I asked Tsu-chan (through twitter) and she said it'll most probably to be launched in Autumn. I'll look forward for that
And for the lipgloss, it's on the way to my home now (笑)

Okay, so here we go~


net: 30g (which is small in my opinion)
color: almost translucent and blends into skin perfectly, but may look a bit chalky on tan ladies (NC35 above)
texture: very finely milled. super smooth
oil control: very good i don't need to blot the whole day! i only need to blot once on normal day
staying power: good. but quite decent on super super hot days.
coverage: medium. you don't expect much from loose powder are you?
repurchase: DEFINITELY!

I use this after my foundation and it definitely gives me a more flawless finish.
Honestly, this is a weee better than my RMK loose powder. I've yet compare it to my Paul&Joe loose powder, thou. One of my best loose powder so far

Holy Grail:  YES / Not yet

overal rating:



color: opaque milky pink in tube but will goes translucent milky pink on your lip
shimmer: yes. gold and pink shimmer which won't show up unless you stare at your lips
application: super easy with spatula applicator
texture: quite thick and it's very less sticky
staying power: very good. probably about 5 hours?
moisturizing: yes.
scent: no scent which i really love
repurchase: yes if i like this more than the upcoming new gloss

This gloss is seriously give you the perfect gyaru lip together with the concealer. But without it, it is a very decent gloss

Holy Grail: YES / Not yet

overall rating:


color: natural beige. Looks darker on the tube
application: not very convenience since you have to dab the concealer to your lip and smooth it over using your finger or
texture: not very creamy. a bit liquid y
staying power: same level as the gloss i think.
opaqueness: good on my quite pale lips.
scent: no scent.
moisturizing: YES / NO but it won't help on chappy lips
repurchase: i don't think so. I'll purchase the upcoming beige lipstick to replace this

Holy Grail: YES / Not yet

overall rating:


 (general review)

size of the pan: 3cm in diameter (yes it's small)
texture: very smooth and not chalky at all
staying power: overall is good, the more pigmented blush have superb staying power

repurchase: definitely!

Holy Grail: YES / Not yet

overal rating:


color: very pigmented popping pink! I lightly dab my brush on it and the color shows up obviously! That's how pigmented it is!
staying power: awesome! of course not on very hot day
shimmer: very fine pearly shimmer. Almost matte.

i use this not on my entire cheek. Only at the circle of the apple of my cheek.
I apply "Peach Pink" over my cheek before to help "Strawberry Pink" to blend more

: 5/5


color: very light pink. It hardly shows on my NC20 skin. I need to use this a lot more than "Strawberry Pink" for the color to appear.
staying power: decent remembering i have oily skin and Singapore is freaking hot!
shimmer: very fine pearly shimmer. Almost matte.

: 4/5


color: as the name said, the color is carrot like. very unique color. Pigmented enough but not as pigmented as "Strawberry Pink"
staying power: much better than "Peach Pink" but not as good as "Strawberry Pink"
shimmer: very fine pearly shimmer. Almost matte.

: 5/5


color: Purple on the pan but will looks quite translucent on skin. It's not chalky and will not create those whitish cast on my NC20 skin.
staying power: it can't be seen obviously. But i think it'll be decent since my oily skin will probably dissolve the highlight anyway, unless i apply quite a lot(笑)
shimmer: gold fine shimmer

I use it as cheek highlighter. I apply it under my eyes and the cheek area beside nose.

: 4/5


color: light beige. appear more obvious than "Marshmallow Purple"
staying power: I'd say quite good?
shimmer: gold fine shimmer

I love this highlighter for my nose bridge area

: 5/5

Ok. That's all for CandyDoll review.

I will do more CandyDoll review on the Limited Loose Powder, and lipglosses
of course i'll do MELLIESH General review before that

If you find there's something missing on this review,
or you want to know more about certain things,
please leave me a comment and tell me what you want to know about
and i'll update the review


awww I love yor candydoll review^^
*smile* looking up to those items u put on your holygrail list hehe
hopinng to see yr melliesh review soon~~~
erika | 2010/08/07 04:24
hahaha.. thanks :)
るうか | 2010/08/15 19:34
Which is better for nose and cheek highlight? The cream beige or the marshmallow violet? :)
Kate | 2011/04/01 02:24
Hi, personally i use cream beige for nose highlight and marshmallow violet for cheek highlight..
but if you use pink blusher, then marshmallow violet will be just fine to use for the whole face (you can add cream beige to further highlight your nose bridge) ,same goes with orange blusher, cream beige will be the best
actually there's no fixed rules.. you can try to play with it to match your liking best~
hope this helps :)
るうか | 2011/04/03 00:31

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