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This is another HOW TO on Jugem post.
Since this blog is in Japanese,
I thought doing a bit of HOW TO / tutorial might be great
as not everyone know how to read Japanese

Okay. There's easy 4 steps to leave comment on my Jugem.


You will see this on the bottom of every entry

Depending to the layout, the "comment" button might be in either Japanese or English.
It's "コメント" in Japanese


After that you'll see this box below.
Email will not be shown in public

Click the "SUBMIT" button to continue.
Tick the cookie box if you want your particulars to be saved.
So next time when you want to leave comment, you won't need to re-type your particulars


You'll be directed out from my blog page to a page where you'll see this image below.
Yes. It's captcha image. So enter what number you see on the left to the empty box on the right. Click the button Below to submit


You'll be re-directed back to my blog page,
and voila. Your comment is there!

It's really easy so i hope you get it
Okay. That's all for now.

I've tried to comment in one blog in jugem.
But I can't and I can't even read or understand Japanese.
And I try searching for how to comment then I've found your blog.
I follow your direction but I still can't made any comment on that blog.
Is that mean the owner of that blog turn off the comment function right?
caninegirl | 2010/07/28 02:32
Hi, yes, the blog owner turn off the comment function, if not then the owner got the wrong comment settings.
The original comment setting on jugem won't allow people to leave comments (lol)
るうか | 2010/07/28 04:32
Thanks so much for your answering.
More question if you can help please.
The reason that I try to comment on that blog is because I want to contact the blog owner about her doll dress.
But I don't know how to contact her in another way except by commenting.
Is there any other way to contact blog owner?
It's so hard for me to figure it out cause I don't know Japanese at all.
Thanks so much!!
caninegirl | 2010/07/28 19:49
Hmm about that, i dont think so.
there's no other way except she left her email address in her profile page or something..

or you can give me her jugem address and i'll see what i can do for you :)
るうか | 2010/07/31 23:47
Thanks so much!!
Please help me if there are any chance to contact her.
This is her web address.

P.S. I like the song that was playing in your blog so much.
What's the name of this Artist?
And what song is it?

Thanks again for your kindness.
caninegirl | 2010/08/01 00:04
Hey! i just commented on her blog
and it's totally okay :))
Do you mean you can't see the comment?
it's because she needs to approve the comment first before get published~
her comment setting is different than mine where the comment will automatically published ^^

It's kimi dake by koike teppei :)
るうか | 2010/08/01 15:45
Oh I see!!
Thanks so much for your help.
Maybe she don't like to contact with me, I guess.
Anyway I have tried and gave up for that right now.
Cause if it's like you have said that she need to approve the comment before publish, she can read what I want to tell her but she won't let them to be published or even answer my request.

"Koike Teppei" I think this song is really great.
I'll try find some CD next time I go to the CD shop.
caninegirl | 2010/08/01 18:00
Your welcome :)
Hmm maybe she have not logged in to jugem or have not checked them yet ^^

the album is "jack in the box"
you can just download them :)
るうか | 2010/08/07 02:50

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