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075. #jindontleave
Seriously, this past few month had been difficult for me
(my fandom world)

first is about my favorite group, NEWS absent
and now my second favorite group, KAT-TUN's A is leaving(?)
The official statement will be announced on fall, though

I've been afraid for things like this to happen. Like from Jin hiatus again from KAT-TUN and focusing on his solo career
to when i see Jin's photo-shoot is separated from KAT-TUN (from monthly JP magazine that i bought)
and now he's not even in the magazine anymore!

I respect Jin's decision to pursue his dream further and focus on it.
As KAT-TUN fan i can only support him. But who's not sad about this?
I mean, yeah the rest KAT-TUN definitely had hard time, and Jin, i don't think it's easy for him to made such decision.

argh.. anyway, i just don't want him to leave KAT-TUN
i mean that will be ok for Jin to do solo career at US
while the rest KAT-TUN can have their own solo too (for a short period)
like probably dorama, butai, or whatsoever.. They got the talent! So why now?
and the fans won't be disappointed on Jin's absence in their new released single / album, too

i know Johnny's is thinking about fans and the rest KAT-TUN member
but there's other way right? We love KAT-TUN as Kamenashi Akanishi Taguchi Tanaka Ueda and Nakamaru. and we love it that way!
NOT KAmenashi Taguchi Tanaka Ueda Nakamaru please!

*pulls hair*


1. If you had twitter, tweet #jindontleave as much as you can. So Johnny's know how much we, KAT-TUN fans need them as 6人

2. GO TO [ THIS ] PAGE. It's a petition for Jin to stay.
Click the "赤西仁"
Please enter your full name (real name) in the textarea,
write your message
type in the verification code,
retype the verification code on the last text box, and press the button.

They’ve already completed one for 2000 fans, now they’re doing one from 2000-4000!

Keep the faith♥


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