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79. One in a 'Mirion'

I keep slacking on things recently
Homework, blogging, until the worst point, on anime/DVD too
You guys will not slack to watch your favorite drama, or your idol DVD concert right?
I slack!
I don't know why, I'll just spend my day sitting down in front of TV and do nothing
I really have to work on that. I can't slack anymore!

Woo-! my ONE IN A MILLION CDs are here!ヘッヘッヘ〜
Well i got this on Monday though
I'm soo late but i just can't curb my hyper-ness
山Pis such a hottie and of course love the song!
Can't stop hearing it, and even my bro loves the song, too!


and oh i went to visit SFMS on Friday with Sarah!
My secondary school.. Missed the food so much
Unclee.. one beef horfun! (笑)

The school really changed alot.
it's not getting better, it have been worsen since i graduated.
What happened to my beloved school

After that we went to Orchard to go プリクラ~

I don't like the machine.
The templates, decoration and lighting are just perfect
but it makes our eyes become so much bigger!
Our eyes looks like alien

手越くん had the same problem when he went プリクラ with his soccer friends
and all of them are guys of course. I can't imagine how terrible they looks like with those HUGE eye effect from the machine!

Nah that's all for today!
I'll update my blog asap for the candydoll review~


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