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089. MELLIESH new releases by Kanno Yui

Today post is about MELLIESH new items~

Based on what i read on Yui-sama blog,
it'll be on sale next month
and will be featured in PopSister 5月

Yui-sama and Melliesh mineral loose powder

She have been working on it for 1 year +
and she's sooo happy that it's finally released 

Melliesh Dual Fiber brush and Mineral Loose powder

Yui-sama also said on her twitter that Melliesh makeup base is to be released soon!!
It's a BB CREAM~ and she's still working on it.

Samples of ther base makeup have been featured in many makeup tutorials of her in PopSisters~

I can't wait for this, seriously~
another AMAZING items by Yui-chan sama~

and like everyone know,
Tsubasa Masuwaka-sama also releasing her CandyDoll base makeup line on 8th April~
Makeup base (primer) , Liquid Foundation, Powder Foundation, and Concealer

やばい〜got to save money again~

Anyway, i'm going nuts on LIZ LISA, Min Plume and Yumetenbo Spring 2011 line
I splurged so much on my online shopping this time
and i don't even know where the hell all those money from
i'm so happy 

My orders are on their way here
as usual, waiting is hellish

I'm gonna post about what i ordered from
Liz Lisa, Yumetenbo, and Min Plume (on different post)

the rest i'll blog about it when i've gotten them

Yes, if you have noticed i'm trying to make my post colourful now www


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