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091. Pray for Japan. We Are The One
Haven't been blogging in a while because i don't feel like it at all
especially because my blog will be always related to Japan.
As you all know, Japan is facing really bad disaster

being a Japanese freak like me,
 my heart was crushed into ash when i heard about this news.
It was nothing until the situation getting worse with all the strong aftershock, fire,Fukushima nuclear power plant.
I was seriously stoned in front of my TV watching how the Japanese tried to deal with all of the destruction. 
Their remorse and helpless face haunting my mind.
So many people have been killed and the death toll is increasing rapidly day by day

I truly love Japan.
Since i was 3 i already start loving this land of sunrise.
the food, the culture, the language, the people, the style, the music,
i'm loving it all. Without knowing, all my belongings are 90% Japanese
makeup, clothings, accessories, bags, books, even to the smallest thing like umbrella, stickers, pencil case, pens, cotton pad, etc are all JAPANESE BRAND

God, it's enough.
They have learnt their lesson.
Please guide them, give them strength,
help them to stepped out from this darkness to light
to start a brand new living which is far better than the previous one.
we believe in You, that You are planning something great for Japan.

what we can do now is to help them
they need our l♥ve,

I'm sure in your country, there will be a lot of donation fund raising.
but please be careful of scams and your donation might not reach Japan.

You might want to donate directly to Japan REDCROSS

or from the other official sites (check here)

or simply go to Japan Embassy in your area.

be their heroes by sparing a bit of your allowance for them,
your small help means a lot to them♥



ps: HUGE salute for all the rescue team, fire fighters, and Fukushima Nuclear power plant workers. God Bless them.
090. Because Waiting Sucks! pt.1 Yumetenbo

Sorry i haven't been posting this since week ago because of my school assignment
I'm currently free from assignment for a week, so i can blog as often as i want

Anyway, because waiting sucks, i am writing this.
Just a post to waste my time




奇跡的な可愛さ♪♪♪配色レースワンピース 3,480円(税込)
I got this in Pink color, which the model on the left is wearing
It's worn by Kumikki-chan as well. You'll see later



可愛くモテる♪リボンフレアドットチュニックブラウス 2,980円(税込)

OL style is very in this spring, especially blouse with peter pan collar / scarf!
I love this piece because it's very OL style and kawaii at the same time~


I wanted to get the pink one actually. It's cute
but i already got a very similar piece,
and i don't really have a black and girly one, so i got this in Black color.



高級繊細レースにメロキュン♪たっぷりレース花柄×ドットカーデ 2,980円(税込)

Got this in the white color,
again, worn by Kumikki before at her "Love Project Festa" Charity collection, collaboration with Yumetenbo~
watch her video HERE
*Kumikki fan girl*



ボリュームたっぷりシルエット♪ハイウエストシャーリングスカート 2,480円(税込)

Personally this skirt doesn't looks very very appealing to me

click on the picture to enlarge

Look at the Upper right picture.
I have a grey short blouse similar to what Kumikki wear, so why don't i complete her coordinate?

I got this high waist skirt in Off white color instead of red.
Red clothing looks horrible on me and i don't want to be an attention catcher.

and if you notice it's a bit different from what Kumikki wear on the picture.
Yes, the one i got have rubber lining on the waist. The original piece Kumikki wear on the pic is just too small for me.

anyway, because i'm a Kumikki fan girl and i adore her fashion sense,
Look at the upper left, upper right, and lower left picture
i got almost everything in that pictures~

upper left: Item #3
upper right: Item #2
lower left: Item #1

and nope, not complete yet without the shoe~

ITEM #5 #6 #7


【夢展望×くみっきー】フリルレースアップヴィンテージ厚底パンプス 2,980円(税込)

This is the main item for this post!
Yumetenbo x Kumikki collaboration pumps~
the video link i state earlier about Kumikki "Love Project Festa"
she was promoting this collaboration pumps as well~

wondering why it's the item #5 #6 and #7?
Exactly. I bought 3 of it

told you that i want to complete Kumikki look right?
anyway i love love love this pumps

it's like the perfect pumps for me.. OMG


Got this in Black, Camel, and Beige

I can't wait them to arrive

Okay, that's all for now,

089. MELLIESH new releases by Kanno Yui

Today post is about MELLIESH new items~

Based on what i read on Yui-sama blog,
it'll be on sale next month
and will be featured in PopSister 5月

Yui-sama and Melliesh mineral loose powder

She have been working on it for 1 year +
and she's sooo happy that it's finally released 

Melliesh Dual Fiber brush and Mineral Loose powder

Yui-sama also said on her twitter that Melliesh makeup base is to be released soon!!
It's a BB CREAM~ and she's still working on it.

Samples of ther base makeup have been featured in many makeup tutorials of her in PopSisters~

I can't wait for this, seriously~
another AMAZING items by Yui-chan sama~

and like everyone know,
Tsubasa Masuwaka-sama also releasing her CandyDoll base makeup line on 8th April~
Makeup base (primer) , Liquid Foundation, Powder Foundation, and Concealer

やばい〜got to save money again~

Anyway, i'm going nuts on LIZ LISA, Min Plume and Yumetenbo Spring 2011 line
I splurged so much on my online shopping this time
and i don't even know where the hell all those money from
i'm so happy 

My orders are on their way here
as usual, waiting is hellish

I'm gonna post about what i ordered from
Liz Lisa, Yumetenbo, and Min Plume (on different post)

the rest i'll blog about it when i've gotten them

Yes, if you have noticed i'm trying to make my post colourful now www

088. Design Color
るうかです( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I'm updating jugem while having my class now.. (笑)

i'm doing my illustration on music genre combined with season colors to match with it.

i'm almost done with the layout but stucked on country music layout

*scratch head

someone please give me ideaa~~~


i just read that K-On! is gonna make into live action movie and the manga is continuing again


okay gotta continue on my work :D
087. テゴマス「青いベンチ」



It's been awhile since i last fangirling here 
the only reason is that i just can't hold myself when i'm fangirling over NEWS 
i'll turn lunatic and i won't be able to express my word properly

No, I'm not exaggerating. It's true
so the only sentence that i can write during my fangirling time is

So this post is about Tegomasu newest single
「青いべんち」[Blue Bench]



*gone missing for 15 mins to calm myself down*

sorry about that 

soo the shop photos just got released few days ago
and here they are





and lastly MY TEGOD-さま

Photobucket Photobucket

*click on the thumbnails for bigger preview*

oh and as usual i'm getting all of them that have TeGod-さま in it

i'll be ordering directly from Japan
and if you're interested getting it,
leave comment with photo number code + your name and email

it'll be sgd3.5 each 

It's time for me to get some sleep now